Holy Family School News


Hello, Holy Family School Community:


  • Urgent:Message from the School Lunch Association: “In the case a parent submitted a paper registration form, they will have to submit their menu order, for this month, via paper envelope. Parents can call (754-5323) our office at the beginning of October, to have a username and password setup, in order to access our online ordering system for future months. Parents who submitted their registration online are already setup to order via the online system.”


IMG_0299IMG_0333Be Respectful, Be responsible, Be safe: Sois respectueux, Sois responsable, Sois prudent was the message given to students of Holy Family Elementary today. Students should keep the three B’s in mind using the playground, while travelling on the bus and moving through the school hallways. Teachers think that students are doing an awesome job so far! Thank you to Ms. Suter and Ms. Fudge for organizing the assembly, and to our special guest, Beezley, for greeting students as they returned to their classrooms. Let’s not forget the Grade six students who illustrated posters of what the word “family” in our school name represented for them. Bzzzzzzzz.

Hands-on Science

ScienceGullageTry collecting soil samples and see what fun that is!  Mrs. Gullage’s class did just that on Thursday. They had photographers and collectors in each group- a real team effort.  Back in class they observed their samples more closely. I wonder what they discovered?