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Hello, Holy Family School Community:

  • Students are asked to return all Library books to the school library before the Christmas break.
  • Don’t be afraid of Twitter…https://twitter.com/holyfamilyscho2 loads of pictures and up to the minute notices/ coverage. Try it.
  • Newsletter – December 12, 2014 can be found by clicking the link provided.
  • School will be closing at 1:00pm on December 19th for Christmas Holidays.  School will reopen on January 5th, 2015.  It will be Day 6 on the school calendar.
  • Parents/ Guardians are reminded that students are still going outside at recess and lunch playtime.  Proper winter clothing including hats, mitts and snow pants are needed.
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Roots of Empathy

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Pictured: Baby Katlynn in Ms. Heath’s class and Baby Chloe in Ms. Pitts class

What is Roots of Empathy?

At the heart of the program are a neighbourhood infant and parent who visit the classroom every three weeks over the school year. A trained Roots of Empathy Instructor coaches students to observe the baby’s development and to label the baby’s feelings. In this experiential learning, the baby is the “Teacher” and a lever, which the instructor uses to help children identify and reflect on their own feelings and the feelings of others. This “emotional literacy” taught in the program lays the foundation for more safe and caring classrooms, where children are the “Changers”. They are more competent in understanding their own feelings and the feelings of others (empathy) and are therefore less likely to physically, psychologically and emotionally hurt each other through bullying and other cruelties.

Math Mania at Holy Family

Today the entire school participated in a Math Mania Day which was organized by the school’s math committee as a part of the school development initiative.  Various math activities and games were held in all grade levels throughout the day.  The session included Math activities such as connecting Math to Newspapers in education where students used newspapers to hunt for numbers. All classes participated in math centers where students moved from class to class and enjoyed a variety of math activities. Grade Two classes built structures with base 10 blocks and Grade Threes used SKITTLES to estimate, tally and graph. Measurement and many other math concepts were observed through the morning.

In the afternoon all students played FitGo.   Fitness activities were called out over the PA system and any student to fill in their Fitness Bingo card gets a prize.

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Wise Choice Wednesday

As part of our active and healthy living initiative, The Safe and Caring School committee has decided to introduce “Wise Choice Wednesday” – a day of the week where we highlight the importance of good nutrition. Please help your child choose the snacks that go in his/her lunch bag, in addition to having a great breakfast. It is our hope that the students and staff of Holy Family make every effort to ensure their food choices each day are indeed healthy and that there is a variety of foods from the four main food groups.

For more information on choosing healthy foods please visit: www.livinghealthyschools.com