Remembrance Day Assembly

1. Welcomeremembrancedayassembly

2. Anthem: “Ode to Newfoundland”

3. In Flanders Fields (Mme. Fudge’s and Mrs. Fitzgerald’s class)

4. Song:  “All That We Can Be”

5. Peace Symbols (Mrs. Hutchings’s class)cropped-20131105-120659.jpg

6. Rainbow Connection

7. Song: “Together We Are Canada” (Mrs. Conways’ class)

8. Video- Your Three Words

9. Pinning of Poppies on Cross

10. Song: “Highway of Heroes”

11. One Minute of Silence

12. Anthem: “O Canada”

13. Silence

A special thank you to all Grade 5 students and teachers involved in organizing this event.  Thank you to Mme Fudge, Ms. Suter and Ms. Codner for their musical gifts.

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