4 thoughts on “Grade 3 Memories

  1. Thank you so much Ms. Gullage for taking the time and effort to put this video together. We love it!! Great memories from a wonderful school year. It is going too fast. Looking forward to seeing the next one:)
    The Bingley’s

  2. What a great video!! It showcases so many special memories. Katie was so proud to watch this with her family and we loved it!! Thank you Ms Gullage! The Bugden’s

  3. Ms Gullage,s I love the video ,,thank you so much for sharing it with us,,as grandparent,s we don,t always get see what is happening in the class room,,,I.we will have it forever ,,,God Bless you for such a great job you do,,,Yvonne Abbott ( Jacob pack Proud nanny )

  4. We so loved the video, captured a lot of great memories of Grade 3. Thanks Ms. Gullage for putting this together! The Oosthuizen’s

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