PBS Week – January 19th – 23rd

Next week Holy Family School will be promoting Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) which encourage our students to follow our 3 B’s -Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe!

MONDAY: Kick Off Assembly

(9:30 for K-2, 11:00 for 3-6) Wear Beezley’s colours: BLACK AND YELLOW to school today.

TUESDAY: Compliments Day and “Right to Play” games during Gym classes

We encourage everyone to say something nice and special to the people around you.

Grade Six “Right to Play” leaders will be assisting during primary Gym classes in the morning.

 WEDNESDAY: Bee Unique! And Wise Choice Wednesday

Crazy hair or Crazy hat day! Students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack for recess- Just like every Wise Choice Wednesday!


Throughout the day all primary classes will be visited by students from Mme. Fudge, Mr. Turpin or Mme Hawley’s class. These students will perform small skits which demonstrate positive school behaviours.

 FRIDAY: Wear our School Colours- Blue and White!

Ask your children to journal about PBS week and their experiences.

Throughout the day all grades will pop down to the gym to play soccer against the teachers!

We look forward to a fun-filled week!


Safe and Caring School Committee

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