Holy Family in the Running

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Congratulations to everyone who participated in Saturday’s big event!! It was a great day to be an athlete for Holy Family School!! We walked – or ran  – away with 20 ribbons yesterday! Highlights:

  • Grade 3 / 4 Girls relay team placed 7th! Congratulations Reagan, Lara, Anna and Rayne!
  • Grade 3/ 4 boys relay placed 5th! Congratulations Noah, Carson, Benjamin and Zach!
  • Alexa – 3rd in 60m hurdles, 6th in soccer throw
  • Rayne – 6th in 50m, 8th in soccer throw
  • Anna – 4th in 300m, 8th in long jump
  • Carter – 6th in soccer throw
  • Caiden – 7th in long jump
  • Willow – 5th in soccer throw
  • Ty – 8th in 50m
  • Marissa- 6th in 200m and 1st in 60m

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