Grade 1 Easter Assembly

Le printemps est arrivé!  The Grade 1 Easter Assembly was today and it was a joyful tribute to the season.  Si tu aimes le soleil, if you’re happy and you know it..clap, clap, clap…Spring is Here!

Thank you to all Grade 1 classes, Grade One teachers and Mrs. Suter.

Ms. Suter and “Riddle I Day”

Ms. Suter is thrilled to announce that her publication “Riddle I Day” has been added as a supplementary resource to the K-6 Music Curriculum across the province. Her book, co-written with colleague Angela Warren (Lakecrest Independent School) is a collection of traditional Newfoundland and Labrador folksongs set to Orff instruments. Fuelled by a passion to preserve the folk music of their province and their love of Orff Schulwerk, Ms. Suter and Ms. Warren’s resource provides teachers not only with arrangements of Newfoundland and Labrador folksongs, but also a step-by-step guide of the teaching process. It is hoped that educators will use this collection as a means of increasing cultural content in their schools’ curriculum. Stay tuned for a new resource coming this April – The Book Tree: Music, Literature, Art and Drama.


The meaning of Home Canadian Contest

Earlier in this school year, our Grade 4, 5 and 6 students participated in the Meaning of Home contest. Students from across Canada were invited to submit a written essay about what home means to them for a chance to direct $50,000 to a Habitat for Humanity build of their choice in Canada and $1,000 cash prize for the school of the winning student.  This year we have two of the top ten runners-up!  Within the next week or so, you will be able to check out their very touching entries at:

Submitted by Mrs. Ryan