WE Walk for Water

WE Walk for Water

As part of our School Development Plan for this school year, our CARE Committee has organized a walk for all students. This is to raise student awareness of the desperate need for clean water in some parts of the world where women and children must spend hours each day gathering and carrying water. This prevents these children from attending school.

This initiative, called WE Walk for Water, is part of a global campaign to raise both awareness and funds for the provision of clean water for those who don’t have it. We feel it is important as educators to teach our students a sense of compassion and citizenship. We are asking for each child to bring a donation of a toonie for this important cause.

A brief assembly for students was held on Wed., May 30, 2018 to present this school project and the reason for it. A list of relevant teaching resources has been shared with teachers so that they can explore the concept further in their classrooms with their students.

Submitted by Mrs. Baker