Super Solvers Club

Super Solver Club meets each lunch time on Day 03 to do you… guessed it- solve problems.  It’s really kind of fun.  Ms. Baker (IRT) leads each session and is always very excited to talk about the club’s activities.

Yesterday, they worked in pairs to solve a math problem and reviewed the 4-step plan to problem-solving developed by famous mathematician George Polya.


Right to Play

Tim and Chris from the Right to Play organization, spoke today to the Grade 4 -6 students about the importance of being active and how games and sport can teach us about teamwork and respect for one another.  They work with kids all around the world. So you can imagine our interest when we saw a video about a young boy named Denis, and how he made such a BIG difference in Rwanda.  Another huge message was to work hard at whatever you do and to stay positive.  Well, now, that’s good advice!  Remember the song that Ms. Fudge and Ms. Sutter sang for us?


Chris, Lacross player


Ball presentation: Look after yourself and one another


Tim and Chris

Education Week-

The theme for Education week this year is “Rooted in Education, Growing for the Future Enraciné dans l’éducation, Se développer pour l’avenir.”  Next week, we have activities planned to celebrate the idea of learning together and how this will impact our future.

The events are as follows:tree

  •  Monday, October 7: Kick-off Day
  • Tuesday, October 8: Represent Our School in the Year 2023
  • Wednesday, October 9: Career Day
  • Thursday, October 10: Grade 3 Thanksgiving Assembly
  • Friday, October 11: School Pride Day

**See the Education Week letter for more information

QR Codes

20130514-105344.jpgUsing QR Codes, a student is on a hunt to locate a special surprise.  You an see the QR code taped to the chair just below the iPad.  Neat!  Using QR Code app generator, Ms. Holden (IRT and Guidance) created codes and then printed these email attachments.  To read each code, the iPad app(in this case) scans the code into text. Both apps are free!

Did you know that QR codes originated with the automobile industry?  Do you know what QR means?