Grade 2 Christmas Concert

“No Snow for Christmas: A musical play by MaryDonnelly and George L. O. Strid

  • Christmastime is Here by All Classes20131206-084631.jpg
  • What will we do if we don’thave snow for Christmas?  by Ms. Perry’s class
  • Weather or Not by Ms. Reynold’s class20131206-084649.jpg
  • Le Père Noel Connaît by La classe de Mme Cole
  • We don’t want our Christmas to be Green (Let it Snow) by Ms.Collier’s class
  • Think Snow by Ms. Green’s class
  •  Christmastime is Here by All Classes


Volunteer Week- April 21st-27th

20130422-111743.jpgApril 21-27 is National Volunteer Week. Volunteers play an integral role in our school community and it is only when we work together that we can achieve success with our students/children.

Here at Holy Family, the staff would like to send out a huge thank you to all of our volunteers. Whether you have participated in school council, attended field trips, helped in the library/copy room, donated resources or participated in various classroom events, we want you to know no act has gone unnoticed. Your ongoing effort helps improve our school community.

We truly appreciate you and all that you do. THANK YOU!


On May 29, we will be hosting a volunteer thank you social (time to follow). It’s our way of saying thanks for all that you do. We will let you know the details once they have been confirmed.

No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.




A Northern Culture – at Home

Ms. Tucker and Ms. Baker who both taught in Northern communities shared their experiences with Ms. Fitzgerald’s class as an extension to the Social Studies programme.  The students were able to see Inuit and Cree artifacts, clothing, carvings and paintings and joined in native games.  Inukshuks were made from clay and students sampled some Bannock, a biscuit-type bread which is a staple of the Inuit culture.  IMG_0852IMG_0839