Once a Weather Kid, now a Meteorologist!

20131120-104456.jpgRyan Snodden, a meteorologist with CBC, Here and Now visited with the Grade 5 classes to talk about the importance of forecasting weather.  He first asked the kids what they have been studying in class before he started to explain that weather is the interaction of cold and warm air creating high and low pressure systems.  What an exciting morning for these Grade 5 students!

View Ryan’s Blog and his retweet of Ms. Hutching’s tweet.tweet

Remembrance Day Assembly

1. Welcomeremembrancedayassembly

2. Anthem: “Ode to Newfoundland”

3. In Flanders Fields (Mme. Fudge’s and Mrs. Fitzgerald’s class)

4. Song:  “All That We Can Be”

5. Peace Symbols (Mrs. Hutchings’s class)cropped-20131105-120659.jpg

6. Rainbow Connection

7. Song: “Together We Are Canada” (Mrs. Conways’ class)

8. Video- Your Three Words

9. Pinning of Poppies on Cross

10. Song: “Highway of Heroes”

11. One Minute of Silence

12. Anthem: “O Canada”

13. Silence

A special thank you to all Grade 5 students and teachers involved in organizing this event.  Thank you to Mme Fudge, Ms. Suter and Ms. Codner for their musical gifts.