Band Interlude

Band students from Holy Family School and St. George’s Elementary came together at bandgrandy2noon today in our gymnasium for a musical performance.  Old St. Nick, First Rockin’ Christmas and Feliz Nivada were just some holiday favorites.   A special thank you to Mr. Grandy, Ms. Suter and Mr. Coultas and to all the parents that attended the event.

Grade 2 Christmas Concert

“No Snow for Christmas: A musical play by MaryDonnelly and George L. O. Strid

  • Christmastime is Here by All Classes20131206-084631.jpg
  • What will we do if we don’thave snow for Christmas?  by Ms. Perry’s class
  • Weather or Not by Ms. Reynold’s class20131206-084649.jpg
  • Le Père Noel Connaît by La classe de Mme Cole
  • We don’t want our Christmas to be Green (Let it Snow) by Ms.Collier’s class
  • Think Snow by Ms. Green’s class
  •  Christmastime is Here by All Classes


Grade Six Leaving

A special thank you to classroom teachers, Ms. Suter and support staff for celebrating our students today.  Dr. Suess’, “Oh, The places you’ll go” was the giant message delivered to kids at the Grade Six Leaving ceremony.   Music chosen celebrated the idea of believing in who we are and exiting opportunities that await in junior high.

‘You’re off to Great Places!

Today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting

So…get on your way!”


Kindergarten Concert

Can you sing away the rain and make the sun shine? Let’s begin. Ready. It is harder than you think but the kindergartens did it! Believe it. The concert was called Rainbows and Raindrops, Pluie et Parapluie. Life flourishes and the cycle of life begins once again with many tiny plants and animals around us. Special thanks to the Kindergarten teachers and to Ms. Hinchy (Music teacher) for dreaming the event in colour.


Earth, Water, Fire, Air: A Suite for Voices, Narrators and Orff Instruments

20130412-094243.jpgThe Grade 6 concert took place last night and it was a packed event.  Classes celebrated earth’s natural elements to instrumental pieces, movement, recorder playing, poetry and song.  This performance was fitting as Earth Day is April 22nd. A special thank you is extended to the Grade 6 teachers: Mr. Turpin; Ms. Phelan; Mme. Penney; Mme. Gambin and Mme. Bellew.  We wish to thank Ms. Suter and Mr. O’Leary for their leadership.

Ths is a wonderful display created by Ms. Suter and Mr. O’Leary to remind students to learn their notes.  The staff is a set of five horizontal lines and four spaces that each represent a different musical note. rose