Right to Play

Tim and Chris from the Right to Play organization, spoke today to the Grade 4 -6 students about the importance of being active and how games and sport can teach us about teamwork and respect for one another.  They work with kids all around the world. So you can imagine our interest when we saw a video about a young boy named Denis, and how he made such a BIG difference in Rwanda.  Another huge message was to work hard at whatever you do and to stay positive.  Well, now, that’s good advice!  Remember the song that Ms. Fudge and Ms. Sutter sang for us?


Chris, Lacross player


Ball presentation: Look after yourself and one another


Tim and Chris


Practicing the 3 B’s was PBS committee’s message yesterday on the playground. Playing in your area, lining up properly, respecting other people’s space were important reminders for children in order to play safe on the playground.  Thank you PBS committee for organizing the outside assemblies.


Acceptance/Anti-Bullying Day


Well, what a day at Holy Family School with children wearing PINK Anti-Bullying buttons and PINK clothing to celebrate Acceptance Day! What a wonderful sight! Ms. Elkins and Ms. Ivany spoke to classes today about how showing respect for one another is important in understanding who we are.  Students then drew self-potraits that Ms. Elkins and Ms. Ivany will be displaying afterward. At least that’s what everyone is thinking…I wonder.  CIMG1543acceptancepenny

D.A.R.E. Celebration

Grade Six classes enjoyed a special day on Friday when they attended their D.A.R.E celebration. In attendance were Deputy Mayor Allan English from the Town of Paradise and Constable Patricia Stanley from the RNC. Sara Gambin and Jay Martin read their D.A.R.E essays presentations before all graduates were presented with certificates.   The Grade 6 choir sang two lovely songs entitled: “Forever Free” and my favorite, “Don’t Laugh at Me.” 


PBS Assembly- Bus Behavior

A Game of Family Feud

A Game of Family Feud

Just look at Mme Pike’s class enjoying a game of Family Fude with Mme Bellew!  This was enjoyed during a PBS assembly about bus safety.  Students sang the The Three B’s Song (Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe), viewed a teacher skit and saw Ms. Abbott’s featured video showcasing Holy Family School students practicing bus safety.  Well done!  Thank you, Safe and Caring Committee!                    Listen to our Three B’s song.