Grade 6 Farewell

We want to wish all of our Grade 6 students the best of luck next year in their new school. Thank you to all parents and special guests for attending.  A special thank you to Ms. Codner, Ms. Suter and all of the Grade 6 teachers for organizing a wonderful afternoon to celebrate our Grade 6 students.
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Family Fun 2016

  • Drum Fit – Gymnasium
  • Parachute Activities –  Music Room
  • Caricatures-  Ms. Pottle’s Class
  • Clay Café – Mr. Greeley’s Class
  • Magic Show – Ms. Forsey’s Class
  • Manuels River Experience- Ms. Conway’s Class
  • Zumba – Library
  • Play 4 Fun – Cafeteria

Thank you to all teachers who helped supervise, prepare classrooms and post signs. Thank you, Ms. Roule (Physical Education Teacher) for organizing and planning Family Fun Night 2016 for the school community.

Memorial Drive

“On Monday, May 9th, our school will be participating in the 3rd Annual S.O.A.R (Spirit of Alex and Riley) Memorial Food Drive.  Alex and Riley Mercer, brother and sister, were students in our school feeder system who passed away due to a critical illness.  Their parents want to honor their memory on this day by asking residents to donate non-perishable food items to the C.B.S./Paradise Community Food Bank.  We thank you for your anticipated support to the food bank, which is in great need at this time.”

Submitted by Administration



Healthy Project


“They are lettuce plants, with a couple of nasturtium plants on the side, which are also edible. We planted them for Health class, talking about healthy living.  It also happened to be earth day.  We also had a discussion about how little of our food is grown here in the province.
The lettuce is growing under a grow light, with a flourescent bulb designed for plant growth.
We planted the seeds exactly two weeks ago, on a Friday afternoon, and when we came back on Monday morning they had already sprouted!  We water them when we notice they are getting dry, and just gave them some water for the weekend.”

By: Ms. Sopkowe


Steve O’Brien who was at the school on December 8th, arranged the 1st National Relay for Youth Day for April 28th. All physical Education classes will take in this challenge today in the gym. I wonder if we will run as far as Steven when he covered 13,225 km to run (travel using human power: longboard, bicycle, pogo stick) across Canada.

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