Ms. Elkins Retires

Students and staff at Holy Family gathered yesterday in the gymnasium to celebrate Ms. Elkins and her retirement .  Ms. Suter lead the classes in song and dance and with the reading of a wonderful book called,  I Wish you More.  We send many special wishes to Ms. Elkins in her retirement.

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Buddy- Ice Caps

Students in Grade 4 were studying about the environment.  It was when a class presenter told them about an Ice Caps Contest that they started creating videos about protecting the environment.  Guess what?  The kids and teachers did such a fantastic job that Buddy visited the school and brought along some pizza!  Thank you, Buddy and St. John’s Ice Caps.



Grade 6 Farewell

We want to wish all of our Grade 6 students the best of luck next year in their new school. Thank you to all parents and special guests for attending.  A special thank you to Ms. Codner, Ms. Suter and all of the Grade 6 teachers for organizing a wonderful afternoon to celebrate our Grade 6 students.
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