Technology– Technology is a component of 21st century teaching and learning.

This year our school has been promoting inclusion through the use of technology within the classroom.  All classrooms have been equipped with interactive whiteboards (Smartboards, Teamboards) to access activities to support our academic outcomes.  Our school website has a list of links our teachers frequently use within the classroom to address our diverse learning population.   We encourage you to explore these websites at home with your children.

Roots of Empathy–   Each year, several parents and their babies visit Grade Four classrooms where students observe and discuss their growth and development. Lessons are planned around care and respect for our new baby friends, experiences that impact the students’ relationships with each other.

ArtsSmarts-details to follow…

Volunteers- From fieldtrips to photocopying, there are many ways that our parents can be involved within our school community. Please contact the school if you are interested in volunteering.

Recycling- Recycling is undertaken by our students each year.  This year, there are six groups (25 students) from Grade 6 that are involved and they meet each Thursday to collect recycling items from classrooms.  Once a month, there is a recycling blitz where parents bring recycling to school.