School Council

School Council

School council provides a formal structure through which all partners can come together and discuss the education of the children with the primary goal of enhancing the quality of teaching and learning, resulting in improved student acheivement.

Questions and Answers

What is a School Council?
A school council is a legally constituted body consisting of the principal, vice principal, parents, teachers, community representatives from the local school community who, while representing the interests of all students, work together for the purpose of enhancing the quality of teaching and learning and improving the levels of students acheivement in their school.

Why have a School Council?                                                                                              Parental participation has a positive effect on student learning so the council encourages and promotes policies, practices and activities that will enhance the quality of school programs and the levels of student achievement in the school.

Who is on the School Council?
The principal, vice principal, teachers, parents and community representatives make up our school council.

School Council members are:

    •  J. Conway, Teacher Representative                             

    •  S. Ryan, Principal                                                         

    •  Beth Nightingale, Parent                               

    •  Tara Lynch, Chair                                                             

    • Connie Hapgood, Parent

    •  Jennifer Grandy, Teacher                                        

What is the role of a School Council?
Working together with parents, teachers, and the community, the school council strives to enhance the quality of school programs and to increase levels of student learning.  To this end, the school council reviews the direction of the school, identifies educational priorities, recommends strategies for achieving goals, and assesses and reports progress.

Term of Office
Members of the School Council will serve a maximum of three years and will be eligible for election or appointment to one further term of three years. Elections and appointments will be staggered so that no more than one third of the members are replaced in a given year.

School Council meets from 6 – 8 times annually or at the call of the Chair.