School Info


Buses and Parking Lot

1) There is a  ONE WAY Traffic between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.  Traffic enters from Ridgewood Drive and exits onto St.Thomas Line.   Entering the church or school parking lot from St.Thomas Line will not be permitted.  The only exception will be our school buses as signage indicates.

2) STOP, KISS and GO.  Parents / Guardians stop at the sidewalk in front of the school to drop off their children in the morning.  Parking along there is not permitted.  Please respect the traffic flow and keep moving.

3) Staff parking is to the left and behind the school.  Parents may park in the lower parking lot.

4) The area on the side of the school is strictly for buses only.    There is room for our buses to pull in and a sidewalk to allow students to safely exit the bus and walk to the front door.  For safety issues,  this area will be reserved for buses only.  Please do not park in this area. (Please note, as there is a staff parking area on the other side of the bus zone, vehicles may be moving through this area but not during dismissal time.)

Medical Forms

  • Form –  Administration of Medication (completed by parent)
  • Form – Physician’s Administration of Medication (completed by physician)
  • Form – Anaphylaxis (completed by parent)
  • Form – Anaphylaxis (completed by physician)

Important Information