Quilted LibraryOur Library quilt was made by a former student assistant, Marg Dinn.  Each section explains one of nine sections of the Dewey Deimal System.  The quilt’s pictures show how books are organized in our library.

Technology area in Holy Family ELementary Library

Technology/Reference Area

We have several computers for student research.  Watch the video.


Fiction section in Holy Family Elementary Library


Many novels are located here and are otrganized by the first three letters of the author’s last name. Watch the video.


Non-Fiction area in Holy Family Elementary Library


Looking for a book about dinosaurs, crafts or Canada?  Find it here in this section.  Books here are true not fantasy or make believe. Watch the Video.

Mat Area

Mat Area

This is where story time is a real treat. Watch the Video.

Easy section in Holy Family School Library

Everyone is the area that some people might call the EASY section but I think that picture books carry strong messages for everyone, young and older!  Watch Video

French .

En Français                            

We have many new French books for you to enjoy, in just about every topic!

Circulation Desk

Circulation Desk   This is where you will check out a book using our LibraryPro check-in, check-out system. Remember to always return your library books! Watch the video.


Library Activities

1) Rehelving books

2) Cataloguing Books

Step 1: Download MARC records from AMICUS website

Step 2: Affix Barcodes to the back inside cover of books

Step 3: a) Add additional fields and barcode numbers to books using LibraryPro Silver

b) Write CALL NUMBER on inside cover of book

Step 4: Make labels for CALL NUMBERS using AVERY design

Step 5: Afix labels to books

Step 6 : Tape spines and/or tape labels

Step 7: Display books in the library

3) Purchasing new books

4) Book Fair  Each year, we host a Scholastic Book Fair during the month of November.

5) Kobo e-Readers  We have 5 Kobo readers for kids to use but only while visiting the library.  Books are downloaded from the Newfoundland and Labrdor Public Libraries website.  These downloads are never overdue but just get deleted automatically from our system.  Books are active for about 2 weeks.  Watch the Video.

6) Magazines Students are able to read many magazines in English and French.  Here are some of the titles:    

  • Owl           
  • Chickadee
  • Sports Illustratd Kids
  • National Geographic Kids  
  • Wild Magazine
  • Chirp     
  • Popi
  • Les Explorateurs 
  • Pomme d’Api    
  • J’aime Lire   

 7)  New Research section in the libary- this consists of about 12 computers.